Aching to Pupate

Femme, feisty, feminist, finding it harder to alliterate than I expected. Twenty-something, veg, queer, polyflexible, book-loving, Jewish college grad. My feminism is intersectional or it isn't worth shit. Directing my life marginally better than a butterfly in a hurricane.
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"Giving a man a chance to work and feed his family and provide for his children does not destroy his initiative. Hunger destroys initiative. Ignorance destroys initiative. A cold and indifferent government destroys initiative."  - Lyndon Baines Johnson (via deathbypolitics) Registered & Protected

"When you read about workers today, they are discussed mainly in terms of statistics (the unemployed), trade (the need to eliminate and offshore their jobs in the name of increased profit) and unions (usually depicted as a purely negative drag on the economy). In reality, the lives of American workers, as well as those of the unemployed and the homeless, make up a critically important cornerstone of our country’s story, past and pres­ent, and in that story, there is great honor."  - Bruce Springsteen, from the introduction to “Someplace Like America.” more. (via thesmithian) Registered & Protected