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Trans woman wins bathroom rights at UA 


A transgender lecturer at the University of Arkansas won the right to use the women’s restrooms on campus after the Department of Justice got involved.

Jennifer Braly, 38, was a guest lecturer at UA as well as a student. She was told she could only use unisex/gender-neutral bathrooms at the school, essentially banned from using bathrooms designated female (or male, for that matter). 

She challenged the school’s position and was banned from lecturing for doing so. Eventually, the Justice Department’s Office of Civil Rights sent a letter to the school outlining Braly’s rights and their expectations. Braly is now permitted to use female-designated restrooms.

Can’t believe we still have to fight for these kinds of things, but every battle won makes a difference. Registered & Protected


This is why gender neutral bathrooms are necessary


This is why gender neutral bathrooms are necessary Registered & Protected