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Green Your Period: DivaCup Review and Giveaway 


I finally did it! I used my DivaCup, and let me tell you- there is no going back. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what it is, a DivaCup is a menstrual cup that you insert when you have your period. It catches all your menstrual blood, and when it is full you simply dump it in the toilet, rinse it out, and re-insert it! 

According to their website, the DivaCup may be trendy now, but it certainly isn’t something new. The first menstrual cups were developed in the 1930’s. They then fell out of popularity and use for many years until the mother-daughter team that started DivaCup picked the idea back up. 

With the current push to go green, reusable menstrual products such as the DivaCup have become staples for the eco-friendly vagina-owner. They allow users to completely eliminate the need for pads and tampons. Think of how many of these products you use and dispose of over the course of a lifetime- some estimates put that number around 10,000! 

Eliminating all of that waste certainly sounds good, but is using the DivaCup instead really realistic? You bet it is! My personal experience with menstruation is definitely unique. I have never been a tampon user. Unfortunately, after trying them twice and having terrible reactions I discovered that I was allergic to one of the chemicals commonly used in them. Ever since, I have been restricted to using pads. This made me very nervous about using the cup. Many reviews liken insertion of the DivaCup to putting in a tampon, but that wasn’t something I had much experience. However, it turned out to be even easier than I expected.To insert it, you simply fold the cup ( I used the “push down”  fold, but many users fold theirs into a “C” shape,) insert it, and twist it so that it creates a seal. To take it out, you just pull down on the stem and base of the cup. It is really that easy!

According to other users, it takes some getting used to in order to get the correct insertion technique down. For me, it came naturally. The first time I put it in there were no leaks. It was incredible! I couldn’t tell it was there, and everything was great. I was able to use the cup on my lighter and heavier days without issue. It only took four days, and I’m already a believer! The DivaCup is incredible! 

Want your own cup? It just so happens that I am also giving one away! To enter to win, you must reblog this post. Thats it! I will be choosing one winner a week from today! 

If you don’t win or aren’t on Tumblr, you use this store finder to find your own or buy one now online.

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*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review or endorsement*

I actually really, really want a DivaCup. I’ve been wanting one for ages because they’re waaaaayyyy better for your body and much more eco-friendly. Plus, I’m tired of worrying about TSS and bleeding all over cute panties when I run out of boring ones. Registered & Protected